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Job Charnock is not the founder of Kolkata - Calcutta High Court delivers a Historic Judgement

The myth is now gone. The story of Job Charnock has fallen. The High Court appointed five-member historian expert committee has ruled out the claim of Job Charnock being regarded as the founder of Calcutta. The secret report which was submitted by the committee before the Court on Nov 11, 2002 was read in public by the Hon'ble Chief Justice Sri A.K Mathur and his division bench comprising of Hon'ble Justice Sri Jayanta Kumar Biswas on Jan 31 st , 2003.

The nine page report observed that "And in the final analysis, neither Job Charnock can be regarded as the founder of Calcutta nor the claim that Calcutta was born on 24 th August, 1690.

Calcutta does not have a birthday. Its origin is a part of a general process of rural settlement, clusters of which agglomerated in the last decade of the 17 th Century, into the English Company's trading factory. This grew into the town in the 18 th Century. No one year marks its 'date of birth '.

On 16 Th of May the historical judgement was delivered in the famous Public Interest Litigation Kolkata Birthday Case between Sabarna Roy Choudhury Paribar Parishad and Others Versus State of West Bengal and Others. The Hon'ble High Court dismissed the myth about the birthday and founder of the city. The truth is now out. The West Bengal Government informed the Court that they will no longer follow the baseless history and will change all documents and texts where the same have been included.Truth always prevail.

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