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Kavi Ramprasad Sen ( 1720 - 1795) is believed to be born at Kumarhatta
village near Halisahar. He was a great worshipper of Goddess Kali and
was Enlightened. He composed number of poems in praise of his Goddess.
Two of his most famous compilations are Vidyasunder and Kalikirtan. His
works have been translated in many foreign languages including english,
french and german. He has become a legend in Bengal.

The place in Halisahar where he was Enlightened is now called as Ramprasad's Vite. But this is far from truth. This land was certainly owned by the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family.

Ramakrishna Roy Choudhury of the family had inherited spritual influence from his ancestors like Kamdev Brahmachari and he too worshipped Goddess Kali. He created the Panchabati and engaged himself in meditation. He became one of the renowned spritual figures of his time and was honoured much by the people of Bengal. The place where he worshipped came to be known as Ramakrishna Dham.

After his death, his daughter-in-law (eldest son's wife) Subhadra Devi requested Ramprasad to stay at Ramakrishna Dham and carry on the worship of the Goddess. She also wished to donate the land in favour of Ramprasad. Ramprasad also deeply influenced by Ramakrishna's devotion wished to meditate at the holy place and was highly pleased to accept the proposal. He thanked Suvadra Devi for giving him such an honour.

Ramprasad started worshipping his Goddess and here was Enlightened. Slowly the temple place became more popular and started to be termed as Ramprasad's Vite.

This place place of Worship at Halisahar is highly regarded as sacred to theHindus and thus its true identity must be accepted. No doubt that Ramprasad was deeply associated with the place and it was his place of worship, but the truth is tht it was not his Vite or dwelling place as termed as the general public. It is Ramakrishna Dham. History must be based on facts and not on myths.



Ramakrishna Dham


The Kabulatipatra bearing the signature of legendary Kavi Ramprasad Sen dated April, 1794

Information and pictures provided by : Sibsaumya Biswas and Monoranjan Roy Choudhury

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The Sabarna Roy Choudhury Paribar Parishad- Sabarna Sangrahashala and Research Scholar on Ramprasad Sen, Sri Promothonath Mondol challenged the so long belief that Ramprasad Sen died in the year 1781. The Kabulatipatra at the Sabarna Sangrahashala clearly points out that Ramprasad was alive in 1794. History changed once more...


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